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Palestine 1948 Medal with Ribbon

Price U$100


Paraguay Order of National Merit Grand Cross Set, first type 1939. Silver, gilt and enamel, Massive star and very nice badge

Price U$850


Paraguay Order of National Merit Grand Cross Badge, 2nd type 1965. Silver, gilt and enamel

Price U$400


Peru Medal Order of Sun Grand Cross Set, Silver, gilt and enamel.

Price U$750


Peru Distinguished Order of Service Grand Officer's Neck badge, very nice with original full length Ribbon

Price U$350


PORTUGAL. Order of the Three Orders. A grand cross set in gilded silver with a grand cross breast star, diameter 65mm, a grand cross, dimensions 100 x 50mm, with hallmark on the pin, and the sash. The sash has been cut for display purposes

Price U$4500


NEW-PORTUGAL. Lot of 9 Miniatures, Miniature for Order of Three orders, 2 Villa Vicosa miniature, 1 in silver and 1 in gold (center back missing), 2 miniature of the Order of Tower and Sword, 2 miniature of the order of Christ, 1 St Aviz, 1 Red Cross and 1 1917 War Cross


Price U$1500


PORTUGAL. Order of Christ Military Knight Badge with ribbon

Price U$550


Portugal order of Tower and Sword Miniature collar in GOLD. A circa 1850s era collar, 26g, a very rare miniature collar

Price U$1750


PORTUGAL. Military Order of Christ Grand Cross Set, Badge in silver, gold and enamel, minor enamel repair in the red enamel on the cross complete with newer Sash. Breast Star is silver, gilt and enamel, Excellent condition, 82 mm, hallmarked on the needlein very nice condition

Price U$2500


PORTUGAL. Military Order of Christ 55 mm x 32 mm, In silver, gilt and enamel. Hallmarks on the ring.

Price U$950


PORTUGAL. Military Order of Christ Type I Breast Star, 74.0x67.9 mm. In gilt and silver and red, white, blue and green enamels. Flawless enameling.

Price U$950


PORTUGAL Military order of Aviz Grand Cross Set in silver, gold, gilt and enamel, first type, circa 1880s in excellent condition and of highest quality made by Souza.

Price U$2000


PORTUGAL. Order of St James Grand Cross Collar and badge in silver, gilt and enamel in excellent condition

Price SOLD


PORTUGAL. Republic. Agricultural Order of Merit. Badge. By João Anjos, Lisbon. 64mm (not including suspender). Nine-pointed, multirayed gilt silver star. Each point ending in a swallowtail and adorned with a green and gilt enamel star. Superimposed upon this is a gilt-lined, red enameled nine-pointed star. Central gilt medallion with Arms in red, white and gold, outer white enamel band with gold lettering. Maker's plaque on back. Suspended from green, gold and blue laurel wreath. Extremely Fine. A lovely and seldom seem Order.

Price U$500


Portugal order of Christ Knight's Badge

Price U$450


Portugal Medal Order of Military Merit Commander Badge, Silver gilt and enamel, no ribbon.

Price U$300


PORTUGAL. Kingdom. Military Order of Aviz. Breast Star. Second Model (1789-1894). 72mm. Multirayed silver plaque with white enameled central medallion, gilt rimmed green enameled cross at center. Raised gilt band around with four green, white and blue flowers, outer gilt border. Red and black enameled sacred heart atop the plaque. Enamel chipping on heart.

Price U$850


Portugal An extremely old order of Villa Vicosa 1830s/40s with the original red leather case,

Price U$1700



Romania, Order of Carol, Grand Cross set of Insignia complete with original sash and case. Awarded to Grand Duke of Baden according to auction description, Friedrich II. Made by Telge in superb Condition

EX Andreas Thies

Price U$13000



NEW, KINGDOM OF ROMANIA (1881-1947).  
Order „Crown of Romania“ [Ordin „Coroana României“]. 1st model (1881-1932), private manufacturing of a Grand Officer’s [Mare Ofiter] breast star with diamonds, diam. 100,9 mm, bronze brillanté and silvered, centre silver gilt and enamels, surrounded by 16 old cut paste stones, with pin, this with an unidentified mark.

On March 26, 1861, the Principality of Romania was declared independent from the Ottoman Empire and proclaimed a sovereign kingdom, and its ruler, Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen as King Carol I of Romania (1839-1914, reigning since 1866 as prince and since 1881 a king of Romania). On May 10, 1881, the day of his coronation, he instituted the five-class (Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer and Knight) order for civil and military merit, with the royal decrees no. 1244/10 V 1881 and 1245/10 V 1881 (1st model). On May 9, 1932, the order was reorganized and the design of the insigna was changed by King Carol II (1893-1953, reigned from 1930 until 1940) with royal decree no. 1590/9 V 1932 (2nd model). (See also: Weber, Wilhelm: König Karl I. - Schöpfer des modernen Rumäniens, Gründer des rumänischen Ordenswesens und Stifter des Ordens „Krone Rumäniens“. In: Orden und Ehrenzeichen, year 9 (2007), no. 48. P. 23-32.).


EX Andreas Thies

Price U$7500


ROMANIA. Military Order of the Star Grand Cross/Grand Officer's set with Swords, made by “JOSEF RESCH". The badge in silver, gilt and enamel 104 mm x 66 mm. The star in Silver and enamel, 89mm with new sash

Price SOLD


ROMANIA. Order of the Crown Grand Cross set, Reverse center medallion is marked “JOSEF RESCH” with three other hallmarks on reverse

Price U$1500


ROMANIA. Order of the Crown Grand Cross set, Reverse center medallion is marked “JOSEF RESCH” with three other hallmarks on reverse

Price U$1500


ROMANIA. Kingdom. Order of the Crown of Romania. Set of Badge and Breast Star. Civil. Type I. Badge. 60mm. Eight-pointed, white bordered, red enameled silver gilt cross, monogram in angles. Red enameled central medallion, silver crown at center, motto against white around. Reverse: 10 MAIU 1881 at center. Breast Star. 82mm. Central medallion superimposed upon multirayed silver star. Very minor shallow chipping on white band of badge; maker's plaque missing from back of star. Otherwise Extremely Fine.

Price U$1250


Romania Order of Crown Commander's Neck Badge, First type

Price U$300


Romania Order of Crown Commander's Neck Badge with wrong ribbon, First type

Price U$400


Romania Order of Crown Grand Officer's Commander Cross, First Type, wrong ribbon, Siver, gilt and enamel

Price U$400


Romania Order of Crown Officer's Knight Breast Badge with Rosette, 1st type

Price U$200


Romania Order of Crown Knight Breast Badge, 1st type

Price U$150


Romania Order of Crown Knight Breast Badge with Swords, 2nd type

Price U$200


Romania Order of Crown Knight Breast Badge with Swords, 2nd type

Price U$200


Romania Order of Crown Knight Breast Badge with Swords, 2nd type

Price U$200


Romania Carol I Medal with ribbon

Price U$100


NEW-Russia Order of St Wladimir Miniature in GOLD and black enamel

Price U$1000


NEW-Russia - Order of Saint-Stanislaus, 1st class plaque (grand cross) in silver, fairly flat, the center in several parts in enamelled vermeil (tiny shine to the number), gilded reverse, fixing by tilting pin, hallmark of title 84, of Keibel in full and of Saint Petersburg. 88 mm
Russia, last third of the 19th century.

Price U$2500


NEW-Russia Order of St Stanislaus 2nd class badge with swords, gold plated and enamel by "IK" and halmmarked 9E on the ring

Price U$1500


NEW-Russia Russia - Order of Saint-Stanislaus, 3rd class cross (knight) in gold and enamel, hallmarks of the house of Edward and incomplete silversmith on the reverse of the branches and on the ring, and title 56 in the Kokochnik on the left on the bail, and Kokochnik on a pattern between the points and the ring (a reattached eagle), without ribbon.
42 x 38 mm, gross weight: 10.3 g

Price U$1500


Russia Order of St Stanislaus 2nd class badge with swords, gold plated and enamel by Eduard with original case

Price SOLD


Russia Order of the Noble Bokhara in Silver

Price U$900 SOLD